To contain more freedom in overclocking this motherboard we used a K version processor. In this case the videos. i5 2500K with a share speed of three.3GHz is the CPU to choose from. The 2500K was overclocked at a huge sped of four.7GHz using the Al suite with manual settings. A single.4GHz increased in speed quite noticeable in the performance in running any games. When using the SLI multi GPU on the first two slots runs smoothly, while you can use the Crossfire configuration in this board. At overclocking speed this board can barely withstand an increased in temperature, but more airflow is recommended in running the SLI or Crossfire arrangement.

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A great computer, however, needs to capitalize on processor power and encourage the user as well as the applications in order to consider full advantage of it. Apple achieves this, and improves on previous top in the range Macs, by giving the Mac Pro faster system buses and speedier memory.

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